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The legendary Virus Blanket Crochet Pattern is one of the most impressive designs ever, undoubtedly! What do you think about the ombre version? Thanks to crocheters all over the world who had made so many different embodiments of this pattern, we now have hundreds of adorable color palette ideas to choose from.

This pattern is unfortunately no longer free, but you can still watch the free video tutorial made by the author of the pattern, Jonna Martinez. You will find the free video tutorial at the end of the post. The link to the pattern is under the first photo. Have fun with it! Oh, this combination of colors is simply delightful! Every nursery could use a sweet accessory like that, undoubtedly. Light blue coupled with yellow is such a timeless pair, right?

Both boys and girls will enjoy it so much. Today we are all thinking pink! She will certainly love and cherish it forever!

Ombre yarn will surely work in this case as well. It always creates such magical effects, right? We all evidently do, especially in spring and summer! If you want to start an exciting new crochet adventure this season, crochet your own Virus Blanket in greens and blues. You are going to love it, undoubtedly! Virus Blanket crochet pattern rocks! It makes us think about autumn and our favorite desserts!

If you like to keep things simple when it comes to crochet accessories for the home, this two-color option is perfect for you. For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook.

Share your ideas and your work on our Facebook group! Email address:. I am using different colors each change to use up left over wool. To those complaining about the size of the holes. Use a thinner thread and adjust the needle size. The holes will be smaller. I like it the way it is because I can move along at a faster pace.

Part 2 - The Pentagon Virus Blanket Crochet Tutorial!

Thanks for sharing this pattern.The craftsmanship in helped many people in many areas because the practice has many benefits. Crochet is a type of craftsmanship being a very old technique practiced and this getting higher, never went out of style.

Practicing crochet has many benefits such as improving motor coordination, dealing with the line and the hook, improving the brain and memory, avoiding depression, and many other benefits.

Doctors even indicate practice being good for health. So we have all these benefits and more for doing something we love.

Free “Virus (sort of) Blanket” Crochet Pattern

Last summer I found my photo box and in it was a photo of me with a very linod shawl that I made and it was the last fashion of last year, in the photo had a little older look with clothes that I do not use any more than with that shawl I stake elegant and delicate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Blanket Tutorial virus blanket. As I know that many of you have been here a short time, they are new to this beautiful world of crochet and like pattern as well as the one that is not difficult to do so I decided to share with you this pattern.

The wonderful point today of a virus blanket is a pattern known and widely practiced. A crochet blanket made with this point virus looks very beautiful, but besides making a baby blanket can do many things with him like for example the shawl I told you, in xale he is very used, also used in carpets, path and what your imagination commands. If you were looking for this pattern to make a lovely crochet blanket for your baby, you do not need to procrastinate any more.

A blanket made with the virus point is really incredible and very well accepted, in the form of shawl it warms us apart from leaving the clothes more elegant. Use the colors that you prefer, a tip that is beautiful are those lines merged, is a very beautiful and original result. I left the photo above to inspire you about colors but do what you prefer. Crochet Virus Blanket is known to be one of the most sought-after and beloved crochet blankets.

The step by step of the video that I left below for you was prepared by Jonna Martinez. In the video she shows step by step how this pattern is made and how simple and easy it is. Also all materials used. The size of the needle to use will depend on the thickness of your yarn, whatever you choose to do.

So if you like do not waste time and do beautiful work. Enjoy the tutorial videos and do not forget to enjoy our Facebook page Xell Crafts. Thank you and good work to all. Wonderful Crochet Blanket. Heart Blanket. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Amigurumi Yorkie Tutorial 6 de novembro de Cowl Knitting Bandana 8 de maio de Heart Blanket 17 de abril de Load more.Maybe a little beautiful shells, maybe a little fluffy meringue mixed in?

There, to my knowledge, is not a known originator to the true Virus shawl, it began with a chart that has been online for many years. Many have adapted the stitch pattern for their own use. I love my accidental pattern and it works up FAST!

virus blanket pattern

Grow it to ANY size by repeating just few rounds! Now I am passing it on to you as a little variation to spice up your crochet life! Super pretty, super easy, and once you establish the pattern; you repeat the same few rows over and over until you reach the size you desire.

It could be tiny or a monstrosity, your choice! It is a perfect square in construction. I crochet fairly tightly.

virus blanket pattern

You can use any yarn with the appropriate hook size. Because the stitching pattern is open, I find that, to me, it looks best when fairly tightly stitched. Keep that in mind when choosing a hook to pair with your yarn. My testers and myself love working to make my free pattern offerings easy to understand and enjoyable to follow.

Please do not copy and past this anywhere. Please do not distribute or sell the information either of course. Instead, please share the link so others may enjoy and I may continue to share free patterns with everyone! I hope you make tons of money off of your finished items! Chain 6 loosely, sl st to 1 st chain made to form a ring. Rnd 1: ch 3 counts as dc here and throughoutmake 23 more dc in the ring, sl st to top of beg ch This is normal to these types of stitch pattern and will flatten out as you work more rounds.

In addition, a gentle blocking of the work when you are done will finish it off nice and flat. You will be at the corner. This is done so the rounds can be repeated easily.

Each subsequent repeat of these rounds, however, will need the repeats. Do not be confused by this. There are many repeats of sections.

Be aware of the symbols used so you know which parts are to be repeated and where. In the 10 dc groups, work a picot chain 3, sl st in the 1st chain of the chain 3 made in the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th dc, sl st to the 1st sc made when back to the beginning and tie off.

As with most virus type style blankets, this has a tendency to need a gentle blocking to get it to lay flat when complete. Dampen in with cool water, squeeze out the excess. Pin it gently shaping and coaxing flat and square using non-rusting pins to any surface you can pin to safely and let it dry. Follow on Facebook Here! Follow on Instagram Here! Handle Name: Crochetverse. Follow on Ravelry Here! Shop Name: Crochetverse.

Follow on Pinterest Here!Welcome to the site that always updates you with the standards of the world of crafts, I want you to enjoy every pattern I leave here for you and still for free, sharing news, days, step by step and videos tutorials.

We have to be updating ourselves every day because every day there is a new pattern or way of doing the work, and especially those who work with crafts for sales always have to keep an eye on the updates to always have work of the moment and new ones captivating more and more their customers.

Virus Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern virus is a pattern that looks beautiful as shawl, has been used a lot for this but we can use imagination and use on tablecloths or napkin bar or even on sweaters and bags. Where your customers prefer because of an incredible finish. In this video you can learn how to crochet the shawl virus. If you are thinking of making a shawl virus for a while, but did not have the confidence to try.

This tutorial is so simple to understand that you will finally try! Start crocheting today and enjoy. Poetry and crochet are arts, the most beautiful, subtle and delicate, mixed with dots and dots. No account knows where it starts and also where the other ends. I leave the video tutorial and good work. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Crochet Pattern. Whipped Cream Dress 30 de November de lovequilting 0.

Reply in English or Spanish. Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Now, what to make? Lots of people have emailed me asking to update this post. When I wrote it Caron Cakes were barely out in stores. A year later, we now have TONS of patterns made specifically for this amazing yarn!

Not sure what all of the hype is about? I test drove this yarn — click here to read the review! It looks so smooshy and warm!

I have a big vendor event coming up at the end of October and as much as I want to play around with new yarn, I have to stay focused. Sidenote: Ponchos need to make a comeback. A lot of people are making corner-to-corner blankets, too. I like this one a lot! It is the perfect cross between a scarf and shawl.

Need more ideas? Click on over to this post for even more pattern recommendations! I started a cardigan with cookies and cream. I have the back knit, now im starting the right front panel. Hi Shelly! One way to solve this would be to cut the yarn so that you can start on the same color on both the back and the front basically skipping ahead a color or two.

Or, you could embrace the mismatched colors and call it a design feature. Some great patterns in your treasury! I will have to check out that Cakes yarn — its looks like a lot of fun to knit or crochet with.This technique was reintroduced to the public in in the form of a video. And they were right. These virus blanket crochet patterns are beautiful. I love them so much that I decided to put all of my favorite patterns in one place. That much easier for you to dig through.

Put your reading glasses on and get ready to find a virus blanket pattern you absolutely love. Make this beautiful virus blanket as a crochet baby blanket or as a king-sized bedspread. You can use 2 skeins of yarn for a small baby blanket. This pattern is easy to read and the repeat rounds are easy to memorize.

This free crochet blanket pattern uses several different techniques to achieve a multi-colored blanket. Based off of the always-trending virus shawl pattern technique, this pattern uses a multi-colored yarn to achieve the rainbow of color without having to switch from piece to piece too often.

Via AllFree Crochet. This easy crochet blanket, or perhaps a large baby blanket, is done in the lacy virus crochet stitch using pink and grey interchanging colors. The pattern is absolutely stunning and would work great as a decorative piece or as a light throw for a couch or bed! Via Etsy. This virus blanket crochet pattern worked up pretty quickly.

Because of the openness of the pattern, it is not super warm in the winter, but it is the perfect lap blanket for the spring. Via Periwinklepursuits. You can make the most beautiful lacy baby blanket crochet pattern with the virus stitch. The free crochet patterns all the rage: it is simple, but looks complicated.

It started out as a triangular shawl, and someone cleverly adapted it into a square. Via The Sparkly Toad. As far as simple crochet patterns go, this is the easiest viral pattern out there. Forget square afghans and triangle shawls! This crochet virus blanket shows you how to use the popular technique to create a star-shaped afghan that is sure to wow after you work it up. Made out of medium weight yarn, this is the perfect crochet baby blanket.Here, below the pictures, you'll find the written instructions for the Virus Shawl in US terminology.

This lovely triangle crochet shawl design is available as a free pattern in chart form and via YouTube videoslinks available via Ravelry. The original designer is not known. I started writing easy to read notes for my own purposes and then decided I should publish it on my website. You can make this shawl to any size that suits you. You may wish to carefully consider which row to finish on as some rows look better as a final row than others.

Out of the many hundreds of pictures published of finished Virus Shawls by different people, the most popular finishing row seems to be one which has a chain stitch between most of the double crochet stitches e.

If you make a shawl with bulky yarn and a large hook size, it will come out much bigger than a shawl with the same number of rows using fingering weight yarn and a smaller hook. Whichever yarn and hook size you use, just keep going until the shawl is the desired size. Suggested length of yarn — at least m.

My favourite Virus Shawl so far used m. Use at least the hook size suggested on the label of the yarn you are using. You may achieve better draping results by going up a hook size bigger than the one suggested but this is not critical.

There are no chain stitches before or after any groups of 10DC stitches including the rows where there is a ch1 between all the DC stitches. DC in the top of the ch3 stitch of the previous row. The last DC is worked into the top of the ch3 of the previous row. Row Four You will be creating a row of loops all the way across the work made up of chain stitches. Turn your work, ch10, SC in the second ch1 space of the previous row, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch7skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch7skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch7DC in the top of the ch3 stitch of the previous row.

Row Eight This is very similar to row four with a mixture of ch4 loops and ch7 loops.

virus blanket pattern

Turn your work, ch10, SC in the second ch1 space of the previous row, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch7skip 3 spacesSC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch7skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch7skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch7skip 3 spacesSC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch4, skip ch1 space, SC in next ch1 space, ch7DC in the top of the ch3 stitch of the previous row.

Row Nine 72 stitches This row is similar to row five. Row Ten 68 stitches This row is similar to row six. Row Eleven 60 stitches This row is similar to row seven. Row Twelve This row is similar to row eight. Row Thirteen 98 stitches This row is similar to rows five and nine. Row Fourteen 92 stitches This row is similar to rows six and ten. Row Fifteen 80 stitches This row is similar to rows seven and eleven. Now that you have the hang of the way the repeats work, keep going until you are happy with the size.

The most popular row to finish on is the one that has a ch1 between the groups of ten DC stitches e. Here are four shawls I've made from four different brands and yarn types. How Big To Make It? How Many Rows? Supplies Suggested length of yarn — at least m. You will also need scissors and a yarn needle.

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